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Split Air Conditioner Repairing Service – Where to Repair AC in UAE?

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Split Air Conditioner Repairing Service Dubai

The main business scope is air-conditioning maintenance and Split Air Conditioner Repairing Service (large central air-conditioning; small household air-conditioning), relocation and disassembly, fluorine filling, cleaning and maintenance; central air-conditioning maintenance, recycling, maintenance, and repair of refrigeration equipment in hotel units, screw machines; and lithium bromide machines Maintenance, central air-conditioning recycling and refrigeration equipment recycling services; 24-hour service, arrive at the scene for quick repair at any time. Chain management, unified management, and service branding.

-24-hour air conditioning repair service center-

We provide air conditioning maintenance services for major mainstream brands; such as Gree, Midea, Haier, Mitsubishi, TCL, Daikin, Kelon, Panasonic, and Oaks. Mind the creative thinking deep in the brain and provide customers with faster and better services. Create the golden service tenet of “convenient, caring, safe, and zero-distance service”; sincerely serve families, units, companies, schools, kindergartens, hotels, restaurants, and service as usual during holidays. I hope all customers: cool and warm summer Through the cold winter.


To provide high-quality maintenance services, and not to pursue quantitative advantages to provide customers with professional and excellent services. As our purpose and pursuit, customer trust and recognition have become our mission and honor. As a service-oriented company like air conditioning repair, your recognition is our unremitting goal.

  1. The master will make an appointment with you on the phone;
  2. After the maintenance engineer arrives, strictly follow the company’s staff manual;
  3. Move the Split Air Conditioner or work outdoors

The Main Problems of Split Air Conditioner

  1. Split Air Conditioner blows directly on you, creating a draft sensation. In this case, it is necessary to turn on the auto-oscillation function of the horizontal blinds, turning the draft into a light breeze, or fix the horizontal shutters in a better position. If this does not work, you need to turn the airflow to the left or right using the vertical air dampers. In most air conditioners, this operation is done manually, but in some models, it can be done using the remote control. 
  2. If on the hottest days the Split Air Conditioner does not create the necessary coolness, despite the fact that it works constantly, its capacity does not cover all heat gains. In this case, you should check: whether the filters are clogged, whether the windows and doors are closed, whether additional heating devices, such as boilers or toasters, are working in the room.  It is recommended to hang thick white blinds on the windows, which reflect heat and light well, and thus reduce the heat input through the windows by almost half. If this does not help, the model must be replaced with a more powerful one. 
  3. If water drips from the indoor unit of the split system, then, apparently, the drainage pipeline is clogged. Most often, this situation arises when an Split Air Conditioner with a drainage pipe brought out to the street is turned on for cooling at sub-zero temperatures. Condensation can freeze and form an ice plug. In order to prevent such a situation from arising; it is necessary to organize heating of the drainage pipeline up to +5 C using a special cable. If an ice plug does arise, then it is worth waiting for a thaw, and until that moment, do not turn on the system for cooling. 

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  1. If you feel a decrease in airflow, try cleaning the air filter. This can be done with a vacuum cleaner. If it is very dirty, it is better to rinse it with a soft sponge in warm water. By the way, in a number of models, the need to clean the filter is signaled by a special indicator located on the front panel of the indoor unit. It is not recommended to operate the Split Air Conditioner without a filter; as it protects not only your lungs but also the heat exchanger of the indoor unit. When the latter becomes dusty, the efficiency of the Split Air Conditioner decreases. 
  2. When the Split Air Conditioner is operating for heating under conditions of low negative temperatures and high humidity, the outdoor unit may freeze up. If the Split Air Conditioner is not equipped with an automatic defrosting system, try turning it on in cooling mode. In this case, the outdoor unit begins to give off heat to the street, heats up, and gradually thaws.
  3. To avoid premature failure of the Split Air Conditioner, do not operate it at temperatures below minus 5 degrees Celsius. In this case, the oil in the compressor thickens, and its wear increases many times over.  
  4. Do not forget about the state of the external unit. If its heat exchanger is clogged with dust, dirt, and poplar fluff, the efficiency drops sharply, and the load on the compressor increases. It starts to warm up and may eventually fail.

Where to Repair AC in UAE?

 We hope you have a certain understanding after reading it. Our company specializes in central air conditioning repair and maintenance, cleaning and maintenance, energy-saving transformation, and sales. Installation company, central air-conditioning air purification and other services. As well as, we have years of maintenance experience, first-class technical team, perfect service process, first-class service quality, years of maintenance.

We insist on providing customers with professional services that exceed expectations; and we have Unanimously recognized by tens of thousands of customers; if you have questions and needs related to central air conditioning, you can contact us at any time, our 24-hour service.

Just pick up your phone and dial our number +971 56 158 9990 or you can Contact Us  and send us an enquiry as well, we will assist you to solving your any problem regarding to Home Appliances Service.

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